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Our hosting service is primarily targeted at small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) who are seeking an affordable solution to host their websites and advertise their products or services online. JBK Web Hosting is a Web hosting Company based in Harare, Zimbabwe and other branches in South Africa, which provides affordable web hosting services on its own servers, thus enabling its clients to establish a successful presence on the Internet. We provide web hosting and a number of other Internet related services. These include email hosting, Website Designing, Virtual Private Server hosting, Bandwidth monitoring tools and IT consultancy.

Our People

We at JBK, are confident to provide you with the highest level of support with our patient and friendly staff. Our hosting crew knows how they can make your site a success to your business. There is an online chat where our team can assist you promptly.

Fast, Reliable and Cost Effective

JBK Web Hosting network is primarily based on the fast and reliable Linux and Unix operating systems. There is continuous 24/7 monitoring for any unusual activity and also for continuous performance. This enables fast response to any short term queries as well as expanding our system optimally.


Customer websites are hosted in our own off-site Linux/Unix hosting environments. This environment is powered by high performance and redundant environment Dell servers, providing an array of services. All systems are backed up daily .

Our Technology

At JBK we have established ourselves with leading edge technology to stay at the fore-front of the web hosting market. We have invested heavily in premium quality software and hardware in order to provide international standard web hosting and Internet services. We believe in giving our service clients power to control all aspects of their web site or service.